Hey Everyone,

According to the wordpress blog setting, I’ve gotten a total of 36 visitors today 🙂  And no comments 😦  I hope my blog will be able to inspire other people!  That’s half the fun ~ at least to me.  If you like what you’re reading, please leave a comment 🙂

I did a fair share of marketing this morning, I was able to head over to a number of blog forums and post up my new blog there.  This is really like a never ending thing because there are just so many blog forums out there.

I’ve got a few idea’s in mind as well in terms of starting to make some money.

Goals for Sunday 12/14/08:

  • Continue to Market
  • Work on my “secret project” 🙂
  • Setup a social network site – this may not happen in one day.

Well, Time to spend some time with my girlfriend!

Have a great evening!