Hi everyone,

Today was mostly spent Christmas shopping, I was able to get virutally all the gifts I had planned on getting exept for  a jacket for my younger sister,  I know which one I’m going to get her, but I just didnt feel like heading out to the mall today, I’ll go tomorrow.

Anyway,  I’ve been doing a lot of researching SEO and keywords and what not.  And you would believe it, but before today, I didnt really know the importance of keywords, and how deep they go.  I’ve learned alot about them.  I think now within my posts, I  need to be targeted and use specific keywords I guess to “optimize” my post.

I’m also working on a plan that I think will provide me my first soruce of income — atleast I hope.  I’m not going to spill the beans now, but I do have a good plan in place that I’ve been talking to some people about.

Well, that’s about all today.  For my goals, im going to continue marketing, and i’m going to press my hosting account on getting my domain setup!